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Jan 14

Hello, everyone. I got dressed pretty late today (too¬†embarrassed¬†to tell you how late) so I’m also posting this kind of late. Anyway, I just wanted something easy and comfortable to wear out to dinner (Bento). And it’s cold and I want to wear my sparkle boots as much as possible. Here’s where I got everything:

Shirt: Thrift store in Tampa

Sweatshirt: Originally from Urban Outfitters, bought at a thrift store in Tampa (one of my best finds! I love it!)

Jeans: Thrift store in England, originally from Marks and Spencer

Boots: JCPenney, super after Christmas sale

Necklace: Bought in a store in Paris in 2006. I bought it in Montemarte, so I thought I was being super cool and artsy, but I think it was actually like the Forever 21 of Paris, because I saw that necklace all over the place after that. Ah, well…

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